Voice Agent: Vox Inc.
                                    Tom Lawless- (323) 655 8699


ABRUPTIO (Supporting) HellBent Pictures

The Box (Supporting) SHF

50 Kisses (Lead) LSW

Pheelaweena (Lead) Sweet Home Films

Trippy (Lead) Sweet Home Films

Breasts of the Southland Wild (Supporting) SHF

Horror House (Lead) Sweet Horror

Blood Rush (Lead) Sweet Horror

Be Careful What You Wish For (Lead) Sweet Home Films

Smasheroo (Lead) Sweet Home Films

Reunited (Supporting) Lalon Pictures

Bedfellows (Lead) Fewdio

Hooray For Holly Wood (Lead) HSKF Productions

My Evil Sisters (Lead) Kickapoo Productions

Untitled Composition #1 (Lead) Testify Pictures

Hello Charlie (Lead) Karisma Productions

Finding Harry (Lead) Viva Vancouver Productions


SHAZZA (Series Regular) SHF

Street Kings (Host) Man School

Rucking & Mauling (Pilot - Series Regular) Artts Productions

Tom O'Bedlam (Pilot - Series Regular) Artts Productions

Sarah Silverman Project (Day Player) Comedy Central

Kushboo (TV Movie - Lead) Touchwood Productions

COMMERCIALS (Conflicts available on request)


Importance of Being Earnest - Gwendolyn Fairfax - Green Room Theater

A Tale at Midnight - Green Room Theater Comp.

Return To The Forbidden Planet -  Nav. Officer - On A Role Productions

Babes In the Wood - Wicked Queen - Hairbrain Schemes Prods.